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Originally posted by [ profile] subluxate, reposted from [ profile] fracturates:

We are so financially strapped, I don't know how we'll even make our deposit and so on for a new apartment.

My Social Security income still has not been reactivated. [ profile] sunsetsinthewes mostly does odd jobs. As a result, we're living off food stamps, what little money we have, and borrowed funds, as well as your donations.

I'm on disability for a variety of reasons. I have multiple pain conditions, as well as psychiatric ones, including anxiety disorders and Bipolar I with psychotic features. Currently, my disability qualification is being recertified. This apparently began in May, but I never received paperwork about it, so my payments were suspended beginning in June. We started trying to get this fixed in July (again, the anxiety disorders), and I have done all paperwork sent to me to help. I'm calling again tomorrow, as I haven't heard anything in some time.

[ profile] sunsetsinthewes has been having a very hard time finding a job. Since we moved here at the end of October, she's held one job, and that was a temp position. She's registered with local temp agencies, and she's putting out applications. People just are not hiring.

We have to move this month. Specifically, we have to move out of the house by August 30. Our landlord is trying to sell the house, and she's decided that it would be easier if there were no tenants. Because of that, we need to come up with a deposit and first month's rent, at the very least, as soon as possible. This would be far less of an issue if my Social Security was not a problem. We don't expect to get our deposit back in a timely manner.

Last month, I had such severe pain that we called 911. We didn't even call 911 when I was in acute opiate withdrawal; instead, [ profile] sunsetsinthewes drove me to the ER. I have a $110 bill from that that needs to be put on a payment plan.

[ profile] sunsetsinthewes is undergoing oral surgery tomorrow to pull two abscessed teeth. To finance that, we had to beg money from both her parents, and various friends signal-boosted for us. This is not minor dental work; this is an infection so bad that it's spread from the roots of her teeth and into her cheek. She is currently on antibiotics and painkillers.

We really hate to ask, but we have to ask for donations to help with all this. Our PayPal address is kelly.pittman AT If you can, would you mind signal-boosting for us?

From [ profile] gandolforf:
I know I just made a post like this, but this is a better description of the situation that's going down. If you could help at all, please do. If you already have, THANK YOU! If you can't, can you please pass it along? Every little bit helps ♥

Date: 2011-08-15 06:29 pm (UTC)
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It's really heartening to see this post get around so many ways and places. I've known Kelly and Geena for 5+ years now, and I'm glad that people are picking up the signal.

(Ah, you might want to link back to the original post? People have been leaving comments/advice there:
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Date: 2011-08-15 07:22 pm (UTC)
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I hope things get better for them ♥

(Oh, I thought I had >.< I'll fix that now.)


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